Replacement Dental Lamps
When you order a replacement lamp for your LCD screen or monitor, please check your lamp dimensions before placing your order. We continuously try to update our database but some manufacturers may use a slightly different lamp for the same model of laptop or monitor than the one we are currently listing. Our database for reference only, and is compiled from data collected through the Internet and from our customers.

Please note: The lamps require soldering; they do not come with wires or plugs.

CAUTION!!! If you like to change the lamp yourself make sure you unplug the monitor/computer/laptop and disconnect the laptop battery as the inverter supplies very high voltage to the lamp. The high voltage can cause on one hand electric shock to you and may instantly damage the lamp.

Make & Model Length & Dia (mm) Rexim Part #
2pcs without wires/plugs
Hitachi TX26D80VC1CAA 240 x 2.6 MCCFL-240/2.6 W
Hitachi TX26D80VCKAA 240 x 2.6 MCCFL-240/2.6 W
Hitachi TX31D27VC1BB 258 x 2.2 MCCFL-258/2.2 W
Hitachi TX34D68VC1CAA 188 x 2.6 MCCFL-188/2.6 W
Hitachi TX38D99VC1CAA 305 x 2 MCCFL-305/2 W
Hitachi TX39D95VC1CAG 305 x 2 MCCFL-305/2 W
Hitachi TX41D56VC1CAA 330 x 2 N/A
Hitachi 16.1" 334 x 2 MCCFL-334/2 W